It's great for us that we get to work with people who are fun and relaxed, but it’s also a 2 way street. A big part of our job as wedding photographers has nothing to do with taking photos. It’s also about being a calming presence during what is surely a joyful but also potentially hectic day for you. Most couples spend more time interacting with their photographer on their wedding day than just about anyone else, so it’s important we have a good rapport. That’s why we always love to meet our clients in person, in a relaxed environment. We also feel it is important that we personally attend your wedding rehearsal. This greatly helps us get a feel for exactly where we need to be in order to capture the entire story of your big day.
     Our approach to wedding photography is influenced by our extensive background in photojournalism. We look at each wedding as a story and we try and tell each story in a unique way through our images.

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