about us

"Your cherished

memories forever captured in 

R Images"

​​Thank you for your interest in R Images Professional Photography. 
  As I am sure you're finding out, there are a multitude of "Photographers" to choose from. Photography nowadays is practiced by many, however mastered by very few. Unlike most photographers, I am a full time Professional. This means I have no other income to fall back on should I fail in this business.

In other words... my clients are absolutely priority #1. 
  I have invested a great deal in nothing but top of the line professional equipment. This equipment is critical to capturing consistent quality images every time. This is something most part time photographers do not do.  I want you to feel confident that your life's precious memories, no matter how big or small are taken seriously. 
   I do not book your event or session and assign it to a staff photographer. You deal with me from start to finish. I simply do not trust anyone else with my work reputation. My wife, who is also an accomplished photographer, typically assists me on events and sessions and we make a fantastic team. 
  The images you see on this website are actual clients of R Images Professional Photography. They are not hired models photographed in exotic locations under perfectly controlled conditions. They are not superimposed onto digital backgrounds. They are real clients who have put their faith in R Images to capture their life's memories.